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On average, 10% of a persons usernames and passwords are compromised. Use our service to constantly monitor and be alerted if your passwords are ever discovered on the darknet.












13 billion+

Breached accounts

Stolen credentials = Stolen fund

If your credentials are leaked on the dark web, hackers will use it to get access to your bank account or social networks.

Breached on October 2013

153 million user records

Breached on October 2016

412.2 million accounts

Breached on May 2019

137 million user accounts

Breached on May 2014

145 million users

Breached on July 29, 2017

147.9 million consumers

Breached on December 2018

162 million user accounts

Breached on March 2008

134 million credit cards exposed

Breached on 2012 (and 2016)

165 million user accounts

Breached on 2014-18

500 million customers

Breached on February 2018

150 million user accounts

Breached on 2013

360 million user accounts

Breached on October 2015

235 million user accounts

Breached on March 2020

538 million accounts

Breached on 2013-14

3 billion user accounts

Breached on September 2019

218 million user accounts

In 2019 we discovered 7,9 billion passwords being shared on the Darknet, make sure you don’t have one.

Enable darknet monitoring

HackenAI has the biggest database of compromised account details in the world, with data of over 13 billion breached accounts.


Get immediate alerts

When website is breached and your account is present in the database, you will immediately get a notification.


Always-on protection

HackenAI automatically all the possible recognizes breaches and sends you a notification.


Breach reports

See the full list of affected accounts per each email you would like to monitor.

Alerts Breaches Accounts

Have peace of mind with HackenAI

Enable darknet monitoring for 1 account for free and get immediate alerts if your credentials are leaked.