Trust Army: 1.0 Version and Trust Fuel Launched

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Trust Army 1.0, the full-functioned Web3 research and educational platform that defines the reliability of blockchain projects and helps you to DYOR, is finally here!

Unfortunately, mistrust remains a significant problem in the crypto world: as evidenced by the first Beta results we have gotten, blockchain projects tend to hide their tokenomics and whitepapers. Relatedly, a significant share of total token supplies in the hands of a few people can impose the interests of the bulk of token holders. Knowing who to trust is hard, and blockchain projects can sometimes be less than transparent. To change that, we’ve created a solution for a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to building a trusted and transparent blockchain space. We believe that everyone should be able to make informed investment decisions, and our platform helps you do just that.

Joining Trust Army Provides You with a Range of Advantages

  • Learning the blockchain analysis using on-chain and off-chain data to proper DYOR and informed investment decision-making;
  • Applying gained knowledge in practice by searching and collecting Web3 projects data; Get paid for your research on tokens as if you had a full-time or a part-time occupation by choosing the most convenient working hours;
  • Acquiring a profession of Web3 analyst. Get hired by Web3 companies (and even Hacken) after successfully passing the Academy course and achieving a soulbond NFT certificate;
  • Being an engine for transparent Web3 and its transformation into a reliable environment.

Trust Army helps enthusiasts worldwide, tending to be highly aware and having intimate knowledge of crypto projects they would like to join. With the full version release, we are delighted to bring our users even more advanced blockchain analytics insights and look forward to continuing to innovate in this space.

Trust Army 1.0: User Guide

The full release of Trust Army contains a whole new structure and features to make your user experience the most handy and intelligible.


Everything starts with registration: signing up for the project takes just a few minutes. It requires installing the HackenAI application with the following HackenAI wallet creation. Once it is done, visit, tap on the “JOIN NOW” button, and scan the QR code with your HackenAI app.
Scanning QR codes will be required for the following sign-ins.

Install HackenAI for iOS

Install HackenAI for Android

Join Community

Become a part of the Hacken community to receive support and advice from other Trust Army users and be among the top crypto minds determining trusted and reliable Web3 projects.

Join here:

Start Studying at Academy

Once you have signed up, start learning blockchain research basics, master token economies reading using off-chain and on-chain data, and pass exams to prove the knowledge you acquired.

Submit Reports

Use the knowledge you gained at the Academy to complete tasks that cover Web3 data research and collection. Find relevant information on a specific project, fill out a form, place the required data, and submit a report. The more Academy chapters you finish, the more complex tasks you access.

Once you submit a report, it is verified by Trust Army Validators. There are 3 possible validation statuses: pending, accepted, or rejected. The platform notifies you about the status through the user dashboard and real-time notifications, so you will be informed about each submitted report.

Track Your Achievements

Trust Army now allows you to monitor your progress and track your success as you learn about Web3 analysis and research. The progress bar and resume learning button make it easy to see how far you’ve come and what you still need to do. Besides, you can keep track of your stats, including earned HAI tokens, and accepted, pending, and declined reports. And that’s not all — the dashboard will soon let you check out other users’ achievements in real time.

Get Paid

After Validators confirm that your report is valid, you get paid with HAI, the Hacken native token. The payment is distributed to your HackenAI wallet and displayed in the user dashboard. Payment can be made only for the correct report. The more valid reports you submit through Trust Army, the higher payments are enrolled.

Obtain Certificate

Upon completion of the Academy course, you will receive a soulbond NFT certificate confirming your expertise in the basics of Web3 analysis.

Trust Fuel: Experience the First HAI Utility

One of the most anticipated features implemented in the Trust Army 1.0 — is Trust Fuel, the first HAI utility envisaged by the recently announced HAI Tokenomics. Trust Fuel is a unit required to submit reports for Trust Army, connected with the Trust Army platform and your Hacken Membership in the HackenAI application.

Each user is required to have Trust Fuel to start the completion of the tasks. To finish one, a user should have x1 Trust Fuel, and it is gotten to all users daily. A soldier needs to enter the Hacken Membership to get more Trust Fuel.

Trust Fuel is charged to your Trust Army account according to the Membership level. To find the amount of Trust Fuel units you currently have, find the navigation bar displayed on the above-the-fold of the platform.

Trust Fuel is only connected to your HackenAI wallet and cannot be transferred or sent to another user. If a user doesn’t use Trust Fuel during the day, it doesn’t sum up with newer units another day. Later with Trust Fuel, a soldier will access the distinctive classes at Trust Army Academy.

More Trust Fuel → More daily completed Trust Army tasks → More daily income in HAI

Get more Trust Fuel by entering the Hacken Membership

Take your blockchain knowledge to the next level: Trust Army 1.0 is unlocking the true potential of blockchain projects and digital assets and enabling you to learn the ins and outs of blockchain analysis. Use on-chain and off-chain data to make informed investment decisions, get paid for your research, join our passionate community, and start your blockchain career path today by registering on the platform: